Enhancing homes since 2019.

GFM Construction is devoted to creating houses into homes, and ideas into livable realities.

We at GFM Construction believe homes should be cozy, safe, and tailored for each family. To make it so, GFM offers a wide range of high quality services. Starting with Remodeling, Siding, Decks, Fire & Water Damage Restoration, House Additions, Fences, Windows, and anything else you can envision. We only offer supreme quality goods for affordable prices. GFM guides you every step of the way, to make your house – your home.

GFM Construction specializes in Kitchen and Bath Remodels, and Damage Restorations after Water and Fire!

When a new house is nowhere near the horizon, just update the current one! Add a sunroom, a secret room, remodel the kitchen and the bathroom, and you've got yourself a brand new home.

Each deck is designed and built specifically to fit the house style and purpose. May it be Wraparound, Multi-Tier, Attached, Detached, or Rooftop we got them all covered. Get a quote for your dream deck.

Accidents happen. Waters fall and fires rage, damaging the most precious, a home. Rest assured that GFM Construction is capable of restoring the most damaged, and make it new again.

Serving as both, the outer decor of the house and an insulator, keeping the temperatures just right inside. GFM offers a variety of colors and styles of siding, making a perfect house, perfect.

Privacy is not easy to come by these days. GFM Construction can help with adding a layer of privacy in a home with a customized fence to get you a peace of mind, and a getaway from the world.

Just like the eyes are windows of the soul, windows are the soul of the house. Keep the energy bills low with windows that actually contain the perfect temperature inside, keeping that soul satisfied.